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10,000 mAh Solar Charging Power Bank - Red - TPBSF02-039


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Introducing the TKO 10,000 mAh Solar Charging Power Bank, a powerful solution for your charging needs on the go. With a built-in rechargeable battery and two USB outlets, this power bank allows you to charge up devices simultaneously, keeping you connected wherever you are. Benefit from electricity-saving functions and the convenience of solar-powered charging, making it an eco-friendly choice. The portable and compact design ensures it's easy to carry with you, providing reliable power whenever you need it. Stay charged and prepared with the TKO Solar Charging Power Bank.

UPC: 194162004751
TDID: S002621B002879P000025V000
Made In: China
Shipping From: NY, United States
Ships Internationally: No
Additional Details
Number of Items: 24 Pieces
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Length: N/A
Shipping Weight: 21.60 lb



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